Our Mission

To produce and design sustainable, handcrafted textiles from the soil up.  

Who We Are

Rusted Earth produces handwoven, one of a kind, farm to home textile products. Each piece is comprised of wool from our pasture raised sheep (and llama). We are a woman owned, production/design studio and fiber farm with a focus on the preservation of struggling heritage breeds of wool sheep.


Jessica Sanchez


Jessica is the owner and operator of Rusted Earth.  She wears many hats on the farm and in the studio. She takes care of the needs of all our 30+ animals handling everything form daily chores to lambing to shearing in the spring and fall.  Jessica is responsible for the production of the yarn, hand dyeing, design and weaving of our farm to home textile products.  She has a background in the arts with extensive experience in ceramics, woodworking, oil painting, and fiber.   Her experience in fiber art was born of a love for shepherding.  Our farm to home textile products sustain the farm and the sheep are her daily inspiration for each handwoven piece.  Jessica has traveled the world, working and volunteering around the US, South Africa, India, and Europe.  Her experiences have led her to a strong connection with nature and a deep understanding of the importance of community and sustainable living.  For Jessica, Rusted Earth Farm is an opportunity to be self sufficient from the ground up.  


Kyle Guie


Kyle is the landscape manager at Rusted Earth Farm & Studio. He makes sure our soil and pastures are healthy and our woodlands are safe and sound.  He also offers some extra muscle, when needed, in handling the sheep. Kyle works full time as a landscape project manager and has a background in urban planning.  In his spare time Kyle can be found mountain biking or running the wooded trails around the asheville area. His past experiences in policy, politics, farming, urban planning, and teaching led him to undertaking the farming venture.  Meeting Jessica gave him the confidence to take a leap of faith. He quit his stable job Pennsylvania and moved to the humbling Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina to build a new life. With the development of Rusted Earth Farm Kyle works to dig deeper and discover nature while, hopefully, inspiring others to do the same.